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Infinity Pool at the Bon Azur Apartments in MauritiusIf there is one small detail about Mauritius that we love, it is that the island paradise doesn’t come with a price tag to match its exclusive feel.

Yes, you read that right. Mauritius can be quite affordable for those who, although may have a higher budget than others, are still unable to splurge at every outing for the sake of luxury.

Unlike other island nations, Mauritius is home to several bustling cities. In destinations where a large population lives, works, and thrives, hotel prices are typically seen to decrease. In Mauritius this is no different and rooms can be well under $100/night in ideal locations- not bad for an island dubbed by Mark Twain to be the blueprint for heaven.

But for those who come in larger parties, or have a little extra money and want to get away from the basic room/luxury resort scenes, there are other options at your disposal.  One of these includes private apartment rentals, and we were fortunate enough to enjoy two-nights at the Bon Azur apartments in Trou aux Biches during our explorations driving in Mauritius.

Not a Resort, Thank Goodness!

Two of our biggest complaints with island resorts is that they can be quite massive and also tend to overlook basic details that are commonplace at other property types.  For the high prices that are typically required, we find ourselves getting upset very quickly over reasons that almost always seem trivial.

The grounds may be spectacular, food likely delicious (and again, expensive), and you’ll have the same experience as you would anywhere else.  This is good enough for some, but definitely not for us.

Massive Living Room at the Bon Azur Apartments in Mauritius

But in Mauritius, it is not uncommon for you to find apartments for significantly under resort prices while getting more space, a full kitchen with pots and pans, a private atmosphere, and an experience we believe is what true luxury travel is all about.

Staring at the Sea

View from Our Patio at the Bon Azur Apartments in Mauritius

Our apartment at Bon Azur was a two bedroom, two bathroom unit located at Trou aux Biches that boasted some impressive views of the sea just steps away.

With comfortable space for four adults, and one more on a large couch, the price of upwards of $150-$250/night really starts to take center stage as other nearby resorts charge a similar rate for a basic one room unit!

The Master Bedroom's View at Bon Azur Mauritius

As the property only has about 10 units in total, it is not uncommon to feel completely alone when walking along the beach or enjoying the infinity pool overlooking the coast.

We only saw one of our neighbors in the pool during the day, and the rest quietly enjoying their patios after sunset. When compared to the bustle of a standard resort where we were surrounded by hundreds of guests at all times, we had to wonder if we were truly on the same island.

Half of the Master Bath at Bon Azur Mauritius

We didn’t get any fancy breakfasts, free entertainment, or water sports like some resorts provide, even though the options were quite affordable compared to what you’d expect for luxury properties.  Instead, there was something else that we did get to enjoy we don’t get too often: serenity.

Being alone, with a fabulous view, and only having one security guard at the gate letting us in to park our car after experiencing the many things to do in Mauritius, and a hospitable property manager who greets you every day and actually cares about your stay?

Now that is luxury to us.

For the same amount as a nearby resort, and even less on a per person basis when factoring in a family who would otherwise spend double on two rooms elsewhere, we can’t help but wonder: why would you consider anything else?

To book your stay in Mauritius at the Bon Azur apartments, click here. For more hotels in Mauritius, compare prices on HotelsCombined.

We’d like to thank our friends at Holidays Mauritius for our two-night stay at the gorgeous Bon Azur in Mauritius. During our stay in the country, we also visited the Hilton Mauritius Resort and had a wonderful stay. For our review, click the previous link! 

As always, all opinions are our own.

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