Learning to Cook While Traveling the World

Prepping sticky rice at a Thai cooking class.If you are traveling the world, especially long-term, you'll most likely be trying some of the best cuisines each city and region has to offer.  For however long you are out for, your days will be spent gorging yourself with the world's most famous dishes and lesser known local treats.  This is great, except for that most trips end; and with the completion of an adventure (or move to a new region) so ends the continual onslaught of delicious cuisine.

But rather than tracking down a local restaurant at home that may or may not have your favorite dish, or even be good at it if they do, we have opted for a unique way to bring the world's best foods home with us: cooking classes.  As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”  By taking a cooking class while traveling, you'll be sure your desire for your favorite dish will never go unrewarded again.

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What to See in Amsterdam with 48 Hours?

Amsterdam, NetherlandsOn my first adventure abroad I spent 3 1/2 weeks on tour of Europe.  With the fast paced itinerary of a tour I was lucky if I had more than 48 hours in any city we visited.  One of my favorite stops from that trip was the Dutch city of Amsterdam, a beautiful city known not only for its canals but also its famous attractions and nightlife.  But how do you get by in such a magnificent city with only two days?  You definitely will be maximizing your sightseeing schedule, but even with just 48 hours you can still have a relaxing stay and utilize of online deals to optimize your stay despite being quite busy.

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The Alamo Mission in San Antonio May Be Best Enjoyed Outside

The history of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio is one of the pivotal points of American history, especially in Texas. 

We all know the story. 

In early 1836 Mexican troops launched a siege on the Alamo mission in what is now modern-day San Antonio. All Texas troops were killed during the assault, but the defeat rallied the rest of the region into ultimately defeating the Mexican troops just over a month later. 

What remains of the site today is one of the most visited sites in all of Texas, with the ruins of the Alamo being quite preserved in the last 177 years. 

Of course, when I found out I was going to San Antonio, I knew that visiting this site would be at the top of my list. But after I decided to visit the Alamo, I realized that going was almost a waste of my time.

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Perfect Day Trip from Lake Louise – Columbia Icefield

Back in 2010 I had finally got enough reward miles for my first frequent flyer ticket anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Naturally I booked one of the most expensive tickets that I could get my hands on, and ended up on a short trip to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.

Between the stunning vistas of Lake Louise and the gorgeous hikes near Banff National Park, I could easily see why this park is one my Canadian friends are most proud of.

While in Lake Louise, I decided to take a day trip further north, almost to the entrance of nearby Jasper National Park to explore the Columbia Icefield and Athabasca Glacier. After plunking down a serious chunk of change for the day trip I boarded the coach in the early morning to see what the icefield was all about.

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