How to Make Eurail Reservations with a Eurail Pass

For our stay in Europe, we purchased a 10-segment Eurail Select Pass that was valid in 4 countries (France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy) over a period of two months.  

Our research into this topic showed that our route was cost effective for the ten most expensive rail segments out of the fourteen we were planning to take. However, since purchasing our rail pass we realized one little error that we did not account for in our first analysis, and that it is the major headache (and cost) that comes with making Eurail reservations for seat assignments ahead of time. 

After making our reservations, we realized that there are a lot of subtle intricacies required when booking reservations with a Eurail Pass. Since the need for reservations and their corresponding fees aren't necessary for everyone, this guide was born. For those like us who are traveling during peak season or are uneasy with winging it for popular rail routes, this one is for you.

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When Can We Get a Real Spanish Tapas Bar in the USA?

We were spoiled when we went on a vacation in Spain for our honeymoon.

There is no easier way to say it than that. 

From the world-class cuisine, amazing Spanish tapas bars, free-flowing wine, all the way to the famous ham that we ate with every single meal, Spain satisfied our appetites with every bite. 

After returning home we tried to find a great restaurant that embodied all of the wonderful meals we had while in Spain.  In particular, was our quest to find a great tapas bar with the small plates of food that we had just about every day in the country. 

But as it turns out, tapas bars in the style we fell in love with are hard to come by, and our search has gone on unfulfilled for the last year.

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Schengen Area – Crafting a Travel Itinerary Within the 90 Days

Rooms are Running OutIf there is one thing I do not like to do when going on a long-term trip, it is making reservations more than a week in advance.  The freedom of being able to travel for months on end is something that allows us to be completely flexible with our itinerary, extending or decreasing stays in an given city at our discretion.

When going on our next 14-18 month trip, we were overjoyed with the fact that we would not have to plan very much in advance and could roam on our idealized itinerary.   Then we added Europe into the mix.  In the summer.  After counting the number of days we were hoping to spend on the continent, we realized that we were getting dangerously close to the 90 day visa limit for the Schengen Area while also having to combat the hoards of travelers during peak season.  Just like that our hopes for a reservation free long-term trip came crashing down.   To lock in the good deals in peak season, and to force us to fit within the 90 day Schengen visa limit, our bookings began and thousands of dollars were spent.

The logic of booking in advance during peak season is obvious. But the need to craft our itinerary to fit within the limits of a free Schengen visa may not be as apparent.

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The Best Long-Term Travel Itinerary in the World?

The answer to the teaser on our Facebook Page

Keeping our upcoming RTW trip a secret for the last 2 1/2 years has been one of the most difficult things that we have ever done.  There were many days where we just wanted to announce it to the world but kept it secret for this very moment.

Planning for it?  Well, that's the easy part! 

Since we couldn't talk about our itinerary until now we had to put our energy elsewhere, and researching the world's best destinations has been it.   But now that our intentions are out, lets get into the fun stuff.

After many hours of research into where we want to go and the logistical issues of making it happen, we have put together an amazing list of destinations we'd like to visit over the next year and a half.  We're not buying a RTW plane ticket or booking many guided tours as of yet, so our itinerary could be open for change at any time.  But what we do have in mind is a great target to start with!

So let us take you into our plan; the RTW itinerary to end all RTW itineraries!

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