KEEN Footwear – Perfect for The Multi-Purpose Packing List

When I spent five months in Asia in late-2010 there was one set of items in my packing list that went through more torture than any other.  Not my shirts, pants, or even my expensive and fragile electronics. 

The items in my packing list that went through the most torment were simply my walking shoes and flip flops. 

From long hikes in the mud, the flip flops being stolen by a dog on a beach in Thailand, to an immeasurable number of puddles and miles walked, my shoes were really put to the test. What else goes through such wear and tear when walking more than a thousand miles over the course five months? Nothing we know of.

So when we began putting together our packing list for our upcoming 14-18 month trip around the world we knew that having the right pair of shoes was going to be the most crucial decision we would make.  After all, if I walked over a thousand miles on a five month trip, an adventure three times as long is going to provide three times more wear and tear to whatever goes on our feet.

Obviously, we didn't take our shoe choice lightly.

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All You Need for Your Around the World Trip Packing List

Sold, Moved, RTW

Hooray!  We've sold all our furniture, moved out of our apartment, and have begun packing our final few items for our upcoming long-term trip in our travel bags. As this is Living the Dream's second long-term adventure, we have the opportunity to revisit our long-term travel packing list.

For this go around, we're trying to include the theme “multi-purpose” in as many ways as possible.  But what does that really mean? Let's find out!

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Why We Leave Our Wedding Rings at Home When Traveling

One of the unfortunate sides of long-term travel is that we alter the subtle details about our lives in a way to fit in and be inconspicuous. 

If two Americans walking around gawking at food and architecture with giant cameras isn't obvious enough, we really don't want to draw more attention to ourselves and the valuables that we may or may not be carrying. 

So while we may look like tourists no matter what we try, we do our best to make sure we don't look like rich tourists, especially ones that would be easy prey for pickpockets and robbery.

When looking at the items we typically carry with us, one stood out as being something that would easily jump out to all would-be robbers.

So sorry, wedding rings, but you have to go.

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Do You Sell Your Life’s Belongings to Travel or Store Them?

In preparation for our RTW trip, we had a challenging milestone we needed to meet in order to get rid of all of our non-essential belongings. 

The years of furniture and decoration purchases for our apartment(s) were at an end, and we found ourselves surrounded by dozens upon dozens of items that we had no use for. 

The worst part about it was not that we had so much stuff, but rather that we were “moving” to our parents before traveling – over 4 hours away.  This meant two things. 

1) We had a deadline. 

2) We couldn't have any big furniture go with us.

To us, selling all of our big furniture was common sense.  We would want nicer furniture in our next place anyway, and could use the extra $1,000 to $2,000 in travel money.  When poised with the alternative of renting a storage locker and spending roughly the same amount in the opposite, negative direction, our choice was simple. 

But for others who are looking to travel long-term, there are a few selling and storage options worth considering for all the items you'll be leaving behind.

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