An HDR Tour of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

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HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National ParkFrom the moment we returned to Eastern Europe, travelers who heard we were heading to Croatia could only talk about one thing: Plitvice Lakes National Park.  This park, located in central Croatia, was not unknown to us at the time as we were always hoping to make a stop there pending fair weather conditions.What surprised us the most was that everyone was talking about it.  A universal consensus is something you don’t see much of, especially in a place that may not be the most budget friendly.  When that happens, you know it is going to be something worth checking out.

But we almost didn’t even make it to the park.  Our research into where to stay was quite difficult, and we weren’t really interested in writing off such an important part of the country to a 4 hour day trip from Zagreb or Split.  Finally, we decided to go for it, and booked a night at one of the rather expensive hotels inside the park for our stay in early October.

It was the best decision we’ve made on this trip.

A National Park of Lakes, Waterfalls, and Gorgeous Trails

There is a reason this post is only photos taken in the HDR style.  Anything less will not give the beauty of the park justice.   In October, when the leaves are changing and the sun is shining, you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to be.  For us, the HDR style is the only way to show off such a beauty.

So come along with us as we take you on a journey around Plitvice Lakes National Park.

HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
The lakes in the national park are many, and it doesn’t take long on any trail to be completely alone.
HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
You hear them from what seems like hundreds of feet away, but a waterfall is almost always around the next bend.
HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
Early October is the best time to go to Plitvice.  Less crowds and changing Autumn leaves beginning to fall.
HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
If each individual stream can be classified as a waterfall, we counted more than 100.
HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
This particular spot is our favorite place.  Many waterfalls, crystal clear water, and simply tranquil.
HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
The HDR style does take a bit of liberty with making the colors pop, but you really can see fallen trees in the lakes.
HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
The “big waterfall” can be seen from one of the highest viewpoints in the park.  Even in fall, there was a line for the view.
HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
Cascading water at Plitvice National Park
HDR Photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park
Most of the trails around the lakes are with these walkways.  It doesn’t take long for another photo-op to show itself.

We could write paragraph after paragraph about this national park, but our words cannot do the justice that photos can.   Plitvice National Park is stunning, and everyone we’ve met who raved about it had quite the reason to do so.   Hopefully we’ve now convinced you to visit one day as well; because if you do, you won’t regret it!

Looking for information on how to plan your trip to Plitvice?  Check our Plitvice accommodation review to see why you should spend the extra money to stay inside the park!

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  1. Ahh! I’m taking the advice you gave me and going to do my very best to see Plitvice this Fall!

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    • Yessss! You won’t regret it. It is an incredibly beautiful park.

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  2. It looks beautiful! I love the leaves and the blue-green of the water.

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