Photo Roulette Round 57 – Your First Time – Winner!

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It was quite hard to pick a winner for this round of photo roulette as the theme “Your First Time” had two unique directions it could go.  One angle of the theme was the travel writer's first time traveling, while the other side could have been the first time with a particular experience or destination.   We looked at the captions and back story for the photos as much as we did the photo itself for this one, because a first time experience often has a great back story to go along with the photo itself!
With that being said, a few of the entries stood out as being our favorites in Round 57 of Photo Roulette:

Runner Up #1 – La Viajera

Caption: “When I was ten, my parents pulled my younger brother and I out of school and took us on a six-month camping trip through Europe. Here we are in the Alhambra, in Granada, Spain. Instead of taking tons of photos or reading all of the information plaques, my brother and I found our own way to take in the historic site — drawing it. We sat down in the middle of the palace and pulled out some paper. The next thing we knew, there was a big group of tourists around us, watching us and snapping photos. Kids certainly have their own way of appreciating history and culture.”

We liked this photo because it symbolizes the theme “your first time” quite well.  What is more enjoyable than being pulled out of school at age 10 for a six-month trip around Europe?

Runner Up #2 –Got Kids Will Travel

Caption: “My dream trip was to go to Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. This is a picture of the “first” time that we saw the giraffes stick their head in the window to greet us and get some giraffe cookies. The picture is one of my favorites because it captures how tickled my husband and daughter were to see the giraffes.”

We have an unnatural obsession with Giraffe Manor and would love to go there one day ourselves.  What struck us most about this particular photo was not so much the giraffe sticking its head in the window but how happy the little girl was with the giant creature getting so close.  What a great experience for one of her first trips.

Winner – Getting Stamped

Caption: “Our first international trip as a couple was to Negril, Jamaica. 5 years later we decided it would be a perfect place to get married and start our life of travel together. We love Negril for many reasons, and being on the western tip of the island everyday ends with a spectacular sunset. Our photo is of our favorite sunset in a very special place to us.”

As a married couple, our first trip out together has always been special to us too.  We have a number of secret spots we discovered on the trip, also in the Caribbean, that we have fond memories of where others may not.  This photo is great for its beauty and simplicity, but the caption makes us want to know more about this special spot.   Great entry!

Look over at Getting Stamped soon for the next round of Photo Roulette!  As with all rounds, information will be published on Twitter under the hash-tag #photoroulette!

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  1. Congrats Adam and Hannah! Brilliant shot! Looking forward to what you hatch up for the next round.
    David and Veronica

  2. Glad you liked our photo and our story! Now to start brainstorming ideas for the next round!!

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