A Sincere Apology to La Sagrada Familia from a Skeptic

On our recent visit to Barcelona, there was one attraction I had no interest in seeing.  In fact, you could say that I was dreading going but knew that as a thorough travel writer I would have to eventually. 

That attraction was Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia cathedral, and I am happy to report that everything I had ever thought about the still-being-built church was dead wrong. 

That horribly ugly looking building is actually quite a beautiful sight indeed and is probably the best of what there is to see in Barcelona!

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4 Tips for How to Buy Train Tickets in Spain on Renfe

Madrid, Spain

For those who have tried to buy Spain train tickets on the booking website Renfe, you are probably cringing in recollection of your experiences.

For those who are heading to Spain in the future but have yet to purchase tickets, you probably have heard the rumors about how bad the service is.

For those who do not know what I am talking about, you're about to have an eye opening experience.  Buying tickets on Renfe is quite possibly one of the worst travel experiences one can have, and after several frustrating purchase attempts for our vacation in Spain we figured out 4 great tips to help make your purchasing experience a breeze! 

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5 Road Trip Itineraries You Absolutely Must Experience

The iconic road trip is a must experience travel style for wanderers of all ages.

There is something about jumping into a car, picking a direction, and driving that inspires a great wanderlust.  In fact, the concept of a road trip is not much different than any other long-term journey as you can, in nearly all cases, go wherever you please.

Tired?  Stop for the night.  Want to explore?  Pick a side road and head off to see what kind of adventure awaits.  Don't like it?  Turn around and pick a new direction.

As the fundamentals of the road trip are in-line with long-term travel, we've researched what we're calling the Top 5 Must Experience Road Trips from around the world.

Some are to be expected, others are unusual, and the only question you need to ask yourself is how to make them a reality for your next great road trip. 

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