10 Free Travel Photos for Your Facebook Timeline Cover

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With the roll-out of the new Timeline feature on Facebook for personal accounts and our blog's fan page, we've had quite a fun time playing with the cover feature and picking out what images would be the best for it.  As we came to find out, finding an appropriate size for a cover image was relatively difficult as all pictures have to fit within the confines of a 850 pixel x 315 pixel area; not your average photo size by any means.

After looking through our nearly 30,000 photos from 34 countries around the world, we have found ten great images that would be a perfect fit for a cover photo option.  These 10 photos are some of our most prized photos that we are offering to all of our readers, absolutely free and in high-resolution, for your own personal cover image on Timeline!

To download, click the image to enlarge in a new window. Right click the high resolution image and save to your desktop. Upload this file as your cover image and you are good to go!  These photos are provided for free for personal use only.  Please do not sell or redistribute without written permission.

Cover #1 – Footsteps on the Beach

Taken in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Facebook Cover Photo - Beach Footsteps

Cover #2 – Up to 11 at Stonehenge

Taken at Stonehenge outside of London, England

Facebook Cover Photo - Stonehenge

Cover #3 – The Eiffel Tower

Taken in Paris, France

Facebook Cover Photo - Paris Eiffel Tower

Cover #4 – Happy Camel

Taken outside of Aswan, Egypt

Facebook Cover Photo - Camel in Egypt

Cover #5 – The Vegas Strip

Taken in Las Vegas, Nevada

Facebook Cover Photo - Las Vegas Strip


Cover #6 – The Great Wall of China

Taken at the Huanghuacheng segment of the Great Wall, China

Facebook Cover Photo - Great Wall of China

Cover #7 – Bamboo Forest

Taken in Kyoto, Japan

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Facebook Cover Photo - Japanese Bamboo Forest


Cover #8 – Paradise Island

Taken near the island of Ko Tao, Thailand

Facebook Cover Photo - Ko Tao Islands, Thailand


Cover #9 – Treasury of Petra

Taken in Petra, Jordan

Facebook Cover Photo - Treasury of Petra, Jordan

Cover #10 – Feeding Time

Taken in Barbados

Facebook Cover Photo - Snorkeling with Turtle, Barbados

These 10 cover photos represent our favorite photos from over 220 days of travel in 34 countries around the world.  Hopefully the next 220 will provide even more great shots!

Looking for more travel photos? We're giving away 10 more in our second entry into this series!  Check the next batch of 10 photos out here!

So, what do you think?  Let us know which one you like best by commenting below.  If you are using any of our photos as your own personal Facebook cover image, we'd love to hear from you!


  1. Great post Jeremy! My favourites are #6 Great Wall of China and #8 Ko Tao. I know what you mean by getting the size and positioning right – it’s the same with my Google Plus profile!

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  2. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a photo of Ko Nang Yuan (#8) – it brought back glorious memories of my SE Asia trip. I learnt to dive on Ko Tao, as saw my first turtle! So now you know my favourite two!

    As far as which to use as the header on FB … that’s a tough call. Are you stuck on just using one or are you open to changing it on a regular basis – that might be the route to take, because your blog isn’t location specific… and then you header becomes as transient as you!

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  3. Gosh they are such gorgeous photos – how could you chose just one?
    Love the Vagas Strip (the colours are amazing)
    Or the Eiffel Tower?
    Plus the happy camel….see I wouldnt be able to chose which one!

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  4. I think the footprints on the beach leave the most to the imagination and have that element of discovery that is the best things about travel.
    How could you not choose the camel, though!! 🙂

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