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Do you have the urge to just pack up your life, head out the door, explore the world for months or years on end, and never look back?If this sounds like you, do you know where to begin?

The thought of taking a long-term trip may sound daunting when you take a moment to consider it. Journeys of this type have numerous research topics that short-term travelers never come across when planning a vacation. When shorter trips are planned to an hourly schedule months before you even leave, the freedom, fears, challenges, and amazing moments that long-term travel brings are never realized.

But when compared to the alternative of only taking one two-week vacation per year for the rest of your life, doesn’t taking 26 years of vacation in a year-long trip sound amazing? Is there anything else you’d rather be doing with those 52 weeks of your time?

We didn’t think so.

Our first book, The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide, is the definitive planning resource for all those looking to cut loose from the standard path and head out to see the world for weeks, months, or years on end. Whether you want to eat gelato in Italy, volunteer with rescued elephants in Thailand, climb the Great Wall of China, go scuba diving in the Galapagos, or do it all like we did, planning for the adventure is unlike any other form of travel.

The 248 page guide covers all aspects of the planning process from deciding to go, developing your itinerary, saving for the trip, acquiring visas, packing, finding your style on the road, money management, finding the best food, overland travel methods, proof of onward travel, and much, much more.  There are so many topics included that we can’t list them all here, so instead we took a screen cap of the Table of Contents so you can see what the guide is all about!  (Click to open the full-size image in a new window)

Read a Chapter

We don’t want you to take our word for it that The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide has turned the travel world upside-down, we want you to see for yourself.   To show you what the guide is all about, we’ve provided two chapters for everyone to read!   The two chapters that we provided are some of the most difficult topics that all long-term travelers face:

  • Visa Acquisition
  • RTW Plane Tickets vs Independent

To read these chapters, click here(Link will open in a new window)

Reviews of the Guide

The following are excerpts of some of the best reviews we have found for The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide:

  • “I really really love the book. There is just so much in there I never even thought of. It’s been a great book to have and I have already told some of my travelling friends about it! So much better than Lonely Planet’s (sort of equivalent) Gap Year book – I also have that at home and information just isn’t as helpful!”Annie N.   Winner of the First Official Copy
  • “The Long Term Traveler’s Guide is geared towards those who are dreaming of long term travel but just haven’t been able to see their dream come true. It answers questions you maybe didn’t even know to ask and provides a great framework of how to go about making that dream a reality.”Gillian and Jason, One Giant Step
  • “Jeremy goes into detail about practically every travel topic you can think of from getting your visa to deciding which underwear you should buy. While he gives you a plethora of information he does it without boring you and making you feel like you’re reading a travel novel. He shares a generous amount of knowledge and will help you build up the courage to take the next step towards fulfilling your travel dreams”Tours4FunMajor Travel Company

For more customer reviews and to see why The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide keeps receiving 4 and 5 star ratings time and time again, head over to Amazon!

Printed Book and a Digital Package

The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide is available in several forms: a printed edition, for reader devices such as Kindle, Nook, or the iPad, and even as a comprehensive digital package with many extra features developed to make planning your long-term adventure a breeze!

The printed edition of the guide is available through a number of online outlets listed below and is 248 pages of all topics related to planning your next long-term adventure.  Please click on any of the links listed below to be taken to your favorite marketplace of choice.  $13.00

Reader device editions such as Kindle, Nook, and iPad are available at the following links.  Please click on the links listed below to be taken to your favorite marketplace/device of choice.  $3.99

The world is not a scary place, and exploring it for an extended period is one of the most enjoyable things anyone can experience.  With The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide, you will have all of the tools necessary to plan a great adventure and make your travel goals a reality.  Who knows, you may even run into us one day!

But Wait, There is More!

We have also decided to break up our digital package features into FREE TO DOWNLOAD files for those who may be buying a different format of the book and wanting one or two of the downloads!  In addition to the formats listed above, we will now be giving away these features for all readers of this site:

Now is the best time to get our book in all available formats because these are the best prices we will ever have!  But don’t wait, the sale only lasts for the duration of our current long-term trip, which as you can tell from our tally on the sidebar is almost over!  Check out The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide today!

Writing a book has been one of the most in-depth projects we have ever worked on.  To help out all future authors learn from our effort, we published a ten-part “Writing a Travel Book” to give an insiders look on how we put the guide together.  To find the latest post in the series, check out the Travel Book link in the Categories sidebar of the site!

First Time Here?

Check out our Top 100 travel experiences from two long-term trips and over two years on the road!

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  1. Congrats! What an achievement! Hopefully this can fund a lot more long term travel for you!

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  2. Thanks Dyanne! I appreciate the thumbs up! I’ve been finishing up the writing a travel book series over the last week or so while waiting for proofs to come in, so I hope the first one to start sometime this week!

    As for a book about moving your comfy life to a g-forsaken rice paddy.. I’d buy it.. but you have to keep the phrase “g-forsaken rice paddy” in it somewhere.

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  3. VERY nicely done, Jeremy! All so well thought out, and the 2 preview chapters prove both your mettle as a writer, and that you definitely “know your stuff”. Bravo – you can be rightly proud of what was no doubt your own “Long-term” literary journey. I look forward to the series on the “How To…” write a travel book series.

    Shoot, I might even try my hand at a book on turning your comfy life upside-down to move to some g-forsaken rice paddy halfway ’round the globe, and start a whole new career as a 60-something EFL teacher! 😉

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  4. Very exciting! Can’t wait to see the final version – I know you put a lot of work into it.

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