What to See in Barcelona – The Top 3 Walking Streets

The historical city of Barcelona has numerous attractions, festivals, and sites worth visiting.  But even with all the action packed site seeing the city has to offer, doing nothing is also a perfectly enjoyable experience for all who visit, as sometimes taking in attractions can just be a bit overwhelming day after day.

Luckily for visitors to Barcelona, there are a number of amazing walking streets within close distance to the many apartments in Barcelona. When a leisurely afternoon calls, you will never be too far away from these great public areas to have a quick stroll and take in the scenery!

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How Long Your Belongings Will Last on Your Gap Year

Toiletries Can Last Long While on RTWLong term travelers are forced to deal with a lot of challenges while on the road: dealing with bureaucracy, finding accommodations, navigating locales without knowledge of the language, and more.  The difficulties begin even prior to traveling in figuring out what to bring on the road as a traveler's entire life can be fit in the contents of a 45-90 liter pack.

Going into the pros and cons of packing any item can be a headache, so it is almost easier to just pack the travel supplies you are comfortable with and go from there, regardless of what other people say.

Still, every item in your pack will have a shelf life, a period of time in which they can be reused over and over. This could be re-wearing of clothes, depleting a bottle of shampoo, or even the inevitability of electronics breaking. During the course of my travels I've been keeping track of my habits of product usage and come up with some good rule of thumb for many items that you might take with you.

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Travel Souvenirs Collection – Shot Glasses from Around the World

Purchasing souvenirs is often an important aspect of all trips to many travelers. When a city or region gets too popular, however, a lot of the souvenirs sold are just.. well, crap.  So finding the best souvenir for yourself might be a difficult task.

When I travel, I tend to have a rather large budget just for souvenirs, much greater than most people I meet.  For my collection, I try and get three things from each country I go to: a display piece, a shot glass, and a t-shirt.

This article focuses on all of the shot glasses I have acquired from the 34 countries I have visited so far.  Out of these countries, only one is currently missing as I could not find a single shot glass in the tiny city state of Macao.

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What is the Best Inflatable Travel Pillow for Your Money?

One of the most unforgiving experiences in travel is attempting to sleep on airplanes. For some this skill comes easy, while the rest of us are not so lucky. 

Poor leg room, minimal reclining capabilities, and zero comforts make it incredibly difficult for any sort of rest and relaxation to be had. Amplify that over 12 hours, and the experience can be a nightmare.

Airlines try to provide small comforts such as pillows and blankets, however these are in poor design that leave most people wanting more. With blankets that don't quite cover and pillows that are missing half the required fluff, it is almost easier to go without. 

To get around this, many travelers bring external items on board to increase comfort, with the most common site found on any plane being an inflatable travel pillow. 

Finding the best inflatable neck pillow, however, may be incredibly challenging as each style has its own pros and cons associated. In this one, we review several options from years of testing!

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