Las Vegas Strip – A Shining Jewel in the Desert

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Vegas Strip and Paris Hotel at NightWinding down our list of the top Las Vegas experiences is one that needs no introductions and is the entire reason people visit, for the Strip itself!  No one hotel can bring in the feeling that the Vegas Strip gives off as a whole, and it is really the combination of every unique highlight found that really ties the entire experience together.  That is why our final experience into all things Sin City is a photo essay highlighting all of the amazing sites the strip has to offer!

Las Vegas Strip

Walking down the Las Vegas Strip is like taking a vacation all over the world, but only trading a half day plane ride for a 20 minute walk.  Between holidays in Lake Como, Paris, Japan, Venice, NYC, Egypt, the entire world seems to be represented on the Strip.  Sure, the experience is not really comparable to seeing the real Eiffel Tower or the real Sphinx, but the allusion makes for a great experience all the same.

Butterflies inside the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada

All the sights in this photo essay are familiar to me, because I have been to each original site that the model was based on and is a very surreal experience while being in Vegas.  Between statements of “I’ve been there!” and “I want to go back!” it is really something that can only be described as inspiring, with a bit of sarcasm thrown into the mix as well.

The Venetian Hotel has working canals, singing gondoliers, a moderately sized St Marks Square, Rialto Bridge, and Doge’s Palace Facade.  Wait a minute, I do not remember the real gondoliers singing in Venice. Much like Venice, I do not recall the Eiffel Tower having a lake or high rise hotel nearby.  Only in Vegas!

Trevi Fountain outside of Cesars in Las Vegas

You know, the real pyramids are great, but they should have the world’s most powerful spot light at the top blasting a ray of light all the way up to space.  Egyptian architecture is cool, but that would have made it perfect.

The blooming flowers of Bellagio’s spring flower show in the Conservatory is not a reminder of an amazing European experience, but still beautiful all the same.  Something that is to be expected by my favorite hotel on the Strip.

Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada

Sadly, our long weekend had to come to and end.  It was full of many Vegas food experiences, collecting all of the handouts from the immigrants, and so much more.  But before we left we could only utter on phrase: Until Next Time!

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