Tuk Tuk in Cambodia – Views Around Angkor Wat

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The temples of Angkor Wat are one of the most impressive sites in South East Asia and covers more ground than you would anticipate from the photos that are distributed around the internet.  The complex is so large that it is almost a necessity to hire a tuk tuk driver to go around and see it all.  In many other countries, hiring a personal guide for a day would be budget busting, but in Cambodia it is very affordable and quite common to hire a guide for several days in a row.The tuk tuk is a basic form of transportation, typically a cart attached to the back of a motorbike, or specially designed as a 3 wheeled motorized unit.  Sometimes loud, sometimes smelly from exhaust, you never really know what you are going to get.  One of the benefits from this open aired mode of transportation, however, is the ability to get amazing photos while riding by such beautiful scenery in Siem Reap and surrounding area.

It would be easy for me to do a photo essay of Angkor Wat to go along with the other posts I have made in the past, but this photo essay is dedicated entirely to the views I had from my tuk tuk. That is, all photos featured were taken as I was sitting in the back of a moving vehicle around the Angkor Complex.  This photo essay is a testament to the power of an SLR camera’s capabilities during motion and having it at the ready for when the unexpected moment strikes!

Children playing with Kites at Angkor Wat, Cambodia
From the back of a tuk tuk in Cambodia
Monk at Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Woman Carrying Wood Sticks on her Bike at Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Tuk Tuk drivers in Cambodia
Streetside cows in Cambodia
Old Fashioned Pumping in Cambodia
From the tuk tuk at Angkor Wat

A trip to Cambodia is an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone who heads over to SE Asia.  Just be sure to have your camera on at any moment for when beautiful scenes strike, especially while zooming around the temples in your tuk tuk!

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