The Great Durian Quest Part 2 – Durian Chendol

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After failing miserably attempting my first Durian flavored item in Part 1 of this series, Durian Cream Puff, I kept my convictions strong and stayed true to the quest.  It turns out, sadly, that getting Durian fruit in December is an incredibly difficult task for being the off season.   My hostel in Kuala Lumpur went on a run just for me to find some, and came back empty handed.  It was up to the historical city of Melaka (Melacca) to provide the next interesting Durian concoction found on this quest: Durian Chendol.

Chendol is an interesting beast in itself when compared to other South East Asian desserts.  Made with shaved ice, a flavored glass noodle, red beans, and topped with various flavored syrups, Chendol is supposed to be an Asian take of the popular Sundae.  In many of the restaurant stalls in Melakka, these creations can be topped with the unique topping I am seeking: Durian puree!

Interestingly enough, I have tried Chendol several times before while traveling Malaysia, and had zero instances of enjoying the concoction prior to this iteration of the quest.   Put the fact that the Durian Cream Puffs in Part 1 were nauseating at best, and you have a recipe for terror.

Part 2 of this series features Durian Chendol, a popular treat sold throughout Malaysia, with special Durian influence in Melaka.

Part 3 of this series will answer the question once and for all, as I find Durian fruit in a back alley of Singapore.  Will I vomit? Swallow? Or will I spit it out?  Check out Part 3 for the epic conclusion!

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  1. iberry just sounds delicious, and I am sad I missed a place with such a name while I was there. Sadly, I have tried durian ice cream in singapore, and found it to be just as foul as durian cream puff. No video of that one, since I already tried the real thing, but I am not trying it again.

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  2. you should come back to Chiang Mai you can get durian ice cream from iberry (just giving you a few more excuses) 🙂

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