Halong Bay Cruise – 10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel Now

Posted By Jeremy in Asia

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The majestic and karst peaks of Halong Bay are an icon, not just because of its natural beauty, but because of its unique representation of the country of Vietnam.  So it is no surprise that the beautiful bay is oftentimes the number one tourist draw to the country, with hoards of people visiting to stay the night on one of the dozens of junk boats that explore the waters.

Unfortunately, due to the added tourism and location, a sunny day in Halong Bay is a rarity and overcast skies or rainy conditions are frequently reported.  Somehow, however, I managed to score not one, not two, but three consecutive days of good weather while on the Bay.  From that, nearly 600 photos were taken of the over 3000 peaks and nearby Cat Ba island.   The following are a collection of the best.

The dragon head of our boat on Halong Bay, Vietnam


Karst Peaks of Halong Bay, Vietnam


Junk Boat and Peaks of Halong Bay, Vietnam


Vietnamese Flag and Peaks of Halong Bay


Karst Peaks of Halong Bay, Vietnam, and a Fishing Boat


Karst Peaks of Halong Bay, Vietnam, and a Junk Boat


Karst Peaks of Halong Bay, Vietnam, and a Junk Boat


Karst Peaks of Halong Bay, Vietnam, and a Junk Boat


Karst Peaks of Halong Bay, Vietnam


Passenger Boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam

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  1. Thanks Jeremy,
    what time of year were you there to get such lucky sunny days?

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    • I was there in early October. That is towards the end of the season as the weather goes bad real fast later on so I think I just got very, very lucky.

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  2. I thought it was pretty crowded, but still a worth while experience. The key is to try and make sure you’re on a boat that doesn’t load up with as many people as possible. We only had about 10 people on our entire boat which made it very chilled out. It is funny though, because all the boats hit the same spots, so it is like an armada going to war when heading out from the mainland.

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  3. Great photos. I will be ready to go to the Halong Bay right now. I have read in a lot of places how it is crowded and overrun but I still consider it magnificient.

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  4. Incredibly beautiful! The 3.5 hour trek to get there was not the funnest thing I would say you can do, when I came back a kid threw up all over himself right behind me. Blech. But absolutely gorgeous place there indeed!!

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  5. I recently saw a tv show with the guys from top gear trying to get to this place and it was just hilarious. Looks beautiful though!

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  6. That’s really lucky – we had three days of very grey skies!! not what we wanted at all, but planning to go back and see if we can get lucky the second time!
    Great photos 🙂

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