Maho Beach Saint Maarten – Watch Out for the Planes

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Saint Maarten's Airport Beach - Maho BeachMaho Beach on the Dutch side of Saint Maarten is not a spectacular beach by any standards of natural beauty.  It is small, no palm trees, and surrounded by touristy shops on either side.  In fact, if you are looking for that, St Maarten is full of beautiful beaches that are worth your time for the scenic viewpoint. But Maho Beach has something that no other beach can claim, every 3 to 5 minutes the beach is greeted with arriving and departing planes from the next door airport, and is something not to be missed.

To put the phrase next door into perspective, the distance from the runway to the water is only a few hundred feet.  There is a short 30-40 ft wide beach, a two lane road, a fence with “DANGER” signs posted on it, and the runway immediately after.  That is it.  This makes lounging at Maho Beach most unique.  We arrived around 12pm after zip lining at Loterie Farms and were greated with an arriving 747 plane quite literally a few feet above the beach where people are enjoying the day.  The following two hours were enjoyed watching little planes come in every three to five minutes, with a larger 747 every 30 minutes or so.  At the nearby bar is a sign that posts the times of the daily arrivals of the 747s so people can get their cameras ready for an amazing show, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Saint Maarten's Airport Beach - Maho Beach

The pictures do more than any words can.  Almost all arriving planes are directed towards the beach and make a pass overhead, while departing planes take off away.  That is not to say this occurs every time.  After about 100 or so planes landing, we saw three or four taking off over the beach which was a change of pace and quite spectacular when it happened to be a huge jetliner.

If you are looking to going to Maho beach, it is quite easy.  If you arrive from the cruise terminals a taxi will cost $18 for one or two persons each way, and prices decrease to $7 pp with groups of 3 or more. One bit of advice that should be heeded when visiting Maho in Saint Maarten is this:   Do not sit in the middle of the beach.  As I mentioned prior, jets take off in the opposite direction of the beach.  As a result, the exhaust from the engines goes towards the beach, and the central section of the beach becomes a mess of flying towels, bags, hats, and sand that all get tossed 30 to 40 feet out into the ocean.  Watch for the hilarity of dozens of people running into the water to catch their bag before it is lost to the sea.  Truly amazing.

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  1. I just got back from seeing Maho Beach! Unbelievable! The water is so beautiful, but when those planes come in, right over your head, AWESOME! And watching the stupid people getting blown into the water? Priceless!! I could have stayed there all day, and not be bored!

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  2. I can’t help but think of Lost when I see these photos.

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  3. My husband and our friend were out snorkelling and said the ocean floor was littered with shoes, shirts, towels. Once they saw that huge plane take off and the belongings (and some people!) being blown into the ocean, the realized why all those items were on the ocean floor! 🙂 This day was awesome.

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  4. Yes! It was so fun. Even after 2 hours we were still enjoying them like it was our first one. Just so many opportunities you can get on camera when they come in like some of the pics I have above. Then, of course, you got the people acting dumb… a few guys were leaning over and slapping their bums at the planes as they came in too.

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  5. Ever since I saw some YouTube videos of the planes landing here, I’ve always thought it would be so cool to go there. Must be so much fun!

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