Transportation Costs Around the World!

Now that I am back from Spring Break and done with classes for the semester I hope to get back into the swing of regular updates that pertain to the RTW trip. A few weeks back I made an entry discussing the differences between bus and rail travel and some of the topics to think about when deciding which one is right for you.

Aside from cost, there are three main points that one should think of when picking transportation style if more than one option is available. Those are time of travel, comfort, and safety. For me, I will be doing a mix of both train and bus travel, and it is primarily a result of cost and comfort. Unless necessary, I would much rather pay extra for a sleeper train than riding overnight on a bus, otherwise I am going for cheap. Unfortunately, places like South America do not have developed rail systems so overnight buses, with special reclining seats, are the only option for long 24 hour transit times.

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Proof of Onward Travel

In the previous post, I outlined the visa requirements and costs for US citizens to all the countries I intend to visit on the RTW trip. To sum it briefly in this post, countries that require visas typically charge a flat fee for a fixed duration, require a few passport photos to process, may either allow visa on arrival or make you get it at an embassy abroad before hand, and typically make you choose between single entry, double entry, or multiple entry which all vary in price for most places. Most travelers have some sort of idea on their relative length of stay and if they would leave and possibly come back, so these are hardly an issue. What can be an issue for many long-term traveler's is a tiny rule many countries have thrown into their visa language, proof of onward travel.

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