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We have been quiet for the past month, and for that we apologize.  We have been hard at work on a new project that has consumed every waking moment of our days.  But we are happy to say that the days of endless work are now behind us, as we are ready to announce our newest project.

Eat Your Passport launches today!

All we have to ask is this: Who is hungry?

What is Eat Your Passport?

Eat Your Passport is an extension of our posting series The International Food Project.   For those who are not familiar with the series, The International Food Project takes you on a journey to discover local foods from around the world which we learn to recreate at home with perfect authenticity.

But when it comes to making international meals at home, where do you go to find obscure local ingredients like kaffir lime leaves, cardamom pods, dulce de leche, or pre-made snacks like Japanese mochi?   What if you don’t have a well stocked international grocery store nearby?

Eat Your Passport was founded to help out.

To help you prepare the best recipes from around the world, the storefront of Eat Your Passport was founded to be a database of the best international ingredients and products available online.

We spent hours sourcing reputable 3rd party sites like Amazon and other online retailers to find every ingredient and product you’d need to have an amazing international kitchen.   Best of all?  By buying your products online using our affiliate links (whether they are featured products or not), you are helping support our sites at no extra cost to you!

What Did We Find?

Just a selection of the hundreds of products on Eat Your Passport

We could go on for hours talking about all of the products we found while building Eat Your Passport.   For launch we found over 250 of the world’s best products that you need for the best international kitchen, and we’re just getting started!

There are the staples, like Mexican corn tortillas and Indian breads.
The desserts, like Japanese mochi and Argentinian dulce de leche.
The unusual, like Peruvian cassava flour and numerous types of sugars you’ve never heard of.
The alcohols, like rum from Mauritius and plum wine from Japan.
The must-have cooking tools, like All-Clad pots and pans and the Asian wok.
The unique cooking implements, like a French crepe maker and a Greek gyro rotisserie.
…and so much more.

The database we have put together is much more than just a collection of products that are available online.  All of the products featured are ones we’ve either personally had while traveling or are going to be purchased by us to test out in our own kitchen when we return home.

The chocolate bars from Ecuador?  We ate many from these brands while in Ecuador.
The Thai curry pastes?  We have a stock of Mae Ploy in our home kitchen.
The international alcohols?  We have consumed a few too many bottles of each while traveling.
The appliances and gadgets?  You’re looking into our very own kitchen when browsing.

Yes, there are no sub-par products here and we will be personally buying, testing, and reviewing all of the featured products on Eat Your Passport’s blog in the coming months that we do not currently own.

Can other online storefronts say the same?

Follow On Social Media and Bookmark The Site!

If you are a lover of international food and want to make the world’s best food at home, be sure to bookmark and follow Eat Your Passport today!

We are currently on Facebook and Twitter where we have daily updates sharing delicious international foods we’ve tried from around the world and will be expanding to more social networks shortly.   These pages are also your source for our updates, new products, and contests that we are planning on running in the future, so be sure to follow them today!


Angie is the resident foodie of Living the Dream. She seeks out local food, restaurants, farmers markets, and cooking classes wherever she travels. Angie has been on one long-term trip of 465 days along with her husband Jeremy.

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  1. Love this site idea. I don’t usually buy souvenirs when I travel, but I do love bringing back a recipe, or a food souvenir (spices, hot sauce, etc) when I come back from a trip. I’ll definitely bookmark Eat Your Passport (also love the name).

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    • Thanks! We’re glad to hear that there are others like us who seek out good foods :). If you find we’re missing any products or have any to recommend, let us know!

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