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One of the things we love about running this blog is that we get to interact with thousands of travelers around the world.  In fact, we’ve been using our Twitter network of 7,000+ followers rather extensively over the past few months asking questions about places we want to go to, city recommendations to help craft our list, and just about everything else you could imagine.  But after announcing our trip, it is time that we bring our information request back to the blog because we need your help!  With the upcoming trip around the world we also have the issue of planning where to stay in almost 100 cities in 40 countries over a year and a half of travel.

What does that mean for you? Well, if you have a hotel recommendation for a city we are thinking of going to, or a hidden gem destination along our route, we want to know about it!

What We’re Looking For

We like to travel in various different styles when we go overseas.  Some countries warrant hostels, others let us have private rooms in boutique hotels, and a few even give us the opportunity to stay in some really nice resorts.  We’re looking for that kind of balance in this trip, and for the most part we have a very simple checklist for any room we stay in:

  • Must be in a good location, either walking distance or near a metro/bus line that has a short commute to the sights.  
    • Prefer an easy connection to our trains to limit the time we haul our bags on travel days.
  • If the city is a beach town, we want to stay right on the beach or within a few minutes walking. 
  • Must have free wifi.
  • Prefer to have hot water and air conditioning, although hot water is more critical.
  • Private rooms are preferred, but we are also open to dorms (< 8 beds) in expensive cities.
  • Must be near our budget, which will be outlined for each region in the city list below.
  • If you recommend an apartment rental, we cannot stay in a place that has cats due to an allergy.

So when looking through our list of cities for our upcoming trip, if you have a recommendation for a hotel, hostel, or apartment that meets our requirements we are looking for, comment and let us know! 

The Cities

As we mentioned in our itinerary post, our ideal list of cities is just that: ideal.  We don’t know where we’re going to end up, but we have a good idea.   Our itinerary will be open ended and could be changed on a whim. But if we do end up on our ideal route the following are some of the major cities we may end up exploring!

Next to each city is our anticipated spending limits for accommodations in each region per night for two travelers.  Some cities may warrant more, but we’re hoping that most are less than this number that we put together when researching just to be covered in all cases.  As we have funding to cover these rates any savings will help us travel longer or get us to Antarctica in February 2014!

Europe (June to October 2013)

  • Paris, Bordeaux, Avignon, and Nice, France have already been reserved at $71/night average.
  • Geneva, Lauterbrunnen, Zermatt, and Zurich, Switzerland have already been reserved at $85/night average.
  • Mayrhofen in Tyrol, Austria has been reserved already at $55/night.
  • Venice, Italy – $70
  • Cinque Terre, Italy – $70
  • Florence, Italy has already been reserved at $64/night.
  • Rome, Italy – $70
  • Mykonos, Greece – $40
  • Ios, Greece – $40
  • Santorini, Greece – $40
  • Bucharest, Romania – $35
  • Brasov, Romania – $35
  • Sighisoara, Romania – $35
  • Budapest, Hungary – $35
  • Eger, Hungary – $35
  • Vienna, Austria – $55 
  • Munich, Germany has already been reserved at $90/night for Oktoberfest.
  • Salzburg, Austria – $55
  • Lake Bled, Slovenia – $35
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia – $35
  • Zagreb, Croatia – $35
  • Plitvice National Park, Croatia – $35
  • Split, Croatia – $35
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia – $35
  • TBD cities in Montenegro – $35
  • TBD citis in Albania – $35
  • Ohrid, Macedonia – $35
  • Skopje, Macedonia – $35

Asia (August 2013, October 2013 to January 2014)

  • Cappadocia, Turkey – $40
  • Antalya, Turkey – $40
  • Izmir, Turkey – $40
  • TBD Beach Town, Turkey – $40
  • Istanbul, Turkey – $40
  • Dubai, UAE – $100
  • Muscat, Oman – $35
  • Kathmandu, Nepal – $30
  • Chitwan National Park, Nepal – $30
  • Varanasi, India – $30
  • Agra, India – $30
  • Jaipur, India – $30
  • Jodhpur, India – $30
  • Udaipur, India – $30
  • Kerala, India – $30
  • Silent Valley National Park, India – $30
  • Goa, India – $30
  • Mumbai, India – $30

Africa (August-September 2013)

  • Cairo, Egypt – $40
  • Aswan, Egypt – $40
  • Luxor, Egypt – $40

South America (January 2014-May 2014)

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – $50
  • Paraty, Brazil – $50
  • Niteroi, Brazil – $50
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil – $50
  • Iguazzu Falls, Brazil/Argentina – $50
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – $40
  • Ushuaia, Argentina – $40
  • Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile – $40
  • El Calafate, Argentina – $40
  • Lake District, Chile – $40
  • Santiago, Chile – $40
  • Mendoza, Argentina – $40
  • Cordoba, Argentina – $40
  • Salta, Argentina – $40
  • Potosi, Bolivia – $30
  • Sucre, Bolivia – $30
  • Cochabamba, Bolivia – $30
  • La Paz, Bolivia – $30
  • Puno, Peru – $35
  • Arequipa, Peru – $35
  • Cusco, Peru – $35
  • Lima, Peru – $35
  • Iquitos, Peru – $35
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador – $30
  • Quito, Ecuador – $30
  • Banos, Ecuador – $30
  • TBD Galapagos
  • Cali, Colombia – $30
  • Medellin, Colombia – $30
  • Bogota, Colombia – $30
  • Venezuela (Angel Falls trek)

Central America (May 2014 – August 2014)

  • TBD cities in most all countries of Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Yucatan Mexico, Central Mexico).  Will be decided later depending on budget. – $30

So, do you have a favorite hotel, hostel, or apartment from your time in any of the above cities that fits within, or is close to, our budget?  If so, comment below and let us know!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jeremy founded Living the Dream in 2008 to chronicle his long-term trip around Asia. Since then he has been on two long-term trips, visited 67 countries, and is just getting started. With a love of food and adventure, he can be found traveling the world with his wife Angie.

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  1. Wow, what an exciting time for you both! Not sure if you’ve made your way to Bolivia yet, but if you haven’t here are a couple of suggestions…

    My husband and I are living in Sucre, Bolivia. I can highly recommend La Dolce Vita, Beehive and Kultur Berlin Hostel. If you end up stopping in Copacabana before you head to Puno (such a relaxing place) you should stay at Las Olas for something a bit different! La Paz, we found Cruz de Los Andes to be really accommodating.

    Hope you enjoy Bolivia, it’s such an amazingly beautiful country. Also feel free to ask us any questions you have about Sucre / Bolivia :) Happy travels!

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    • Hey Brigid, thanks so much for your suggestions!

      It is actually perfect timing, because we’ll be getting to Bolivia in about a month’s time. Definitely visiting Sucre, Copacabana, Puno, Chocobamba, Potosi, La Paz, and Uyuni before heading into Peru.

      Do you have any thoughts on what a typical spending amount would be for a couple who loves food and typically does budget private rooms in hostels? We’re finding Chile and Argentina to be quite expensive (as anticipated in Patagonia) and hoping things will be better once we head north.

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  2. Thanks so much for the recommendations Christina and Rachel, we’ll definitely be looking into them! We got a few recs on our Facebook page that I wanted to share here too for people reading along:

    Santorini – Pension Petros
    Puno – Carsona Plaza Hotel (a bit higher than our budget)
    Arequipa – Hotel la Casa de mi Abuela
    Cusco – Hotel Suenos del Inka
    Lima – Hotel el Ducado
    Quito – Hostel Isla Isabela

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  3. We’re currently in Istanbul, staying at a pleasant hostel called Galata West: It’s pretty much exactly on your budget for a private room. It’s pretty quiet and clean (good Wi-Fi), and about a 30 minute walk to the old town area, and lots of shops/restaurants are about 10 min walk away. Metro is about 2 blocks away. I’ll be stalking this post for great ideas on places to stay for the rest of our trip!

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