Welcoming Spring with a Sun Inspired Photo Essay

Sunset in Langkawi, Malaysia
With only a few hours left of winter we can safely say that we are finished with the cold, wind, and snow that the midwest United States experiences each year.  Maybe we're just getting old, or climate change is really screwing with us, but every year seems to be worst than the last.  This is especially true for me as I spent far more time that I would care to admit up in Northern Canada where snow began early and the sun never made it past the height of a 5 o'clock shadow.

The final straw for our hatred of winter came just yesterday when we learned a that our beloved home of Pittsburgh has less sunny days than Seattle (45% to 47%); a city famous for its cloudy days.   But with the coming Spring we are looking forward to the hope of having warm, sunny days once again. Unfortunately our weather report for the first 10 days of Spring look grim, much like the rest of the country.  Winter, so it seems, is playing one last cruel trick on us.

Resulting from this horrendous weather, we wanted to take a moment to brighten your day with some of our favorite sunny day photos we've taken while traveling the world (sunsets in particular) in hopes that one day soon we'll all see the sunshine again.

Sunset in Sea of China

Our first photo comes from the Sea of China with the islands of Japan fading off in the distance as I made the two day trek from Osaka to Shanghai on the Su Zhou Hao Ferry.

Sunset in Ko Tao, Thailand

Our second, and perhaps my favorite sunset photo, comes from the island of Ko Tao, Thailand.  Known for its epic diving, I was quite happy to skip the full moon party of Koh Phangan to stay a few extra days here in solitude. 

Sunset in Yangshuo, China

The karst peaks of Yanshuo are the great subjects of a non-beach sunset photo that I cannot get enough of.   You see tons of polluted photos of China, but in this desolate city, its beautiful.  (Unless you're there on Golden Week, where it is crowded with vacationers).

Sunset at Mt Sinai, Egypt

It is the life's goal of many on this planet to climb the famous Mount Sinai in Egypt.  Complete with fedora I made the trek for this great sunset view in the heat of August weather (105°F / 40.5°C).  Was it worth it?  We'll let the picture do the talking.

Sunset in Pittsburgh, PA

But as it turns out, Pittsburgh has some sunny days too; and our engagement photo session was lucky enough to be in the 45% that produced this epic photo.  Don't let this one photo fool you, it was one of the last great sunny days of the year before our continual pattern of dreary winter days that we have now become so sick of.

Perhaps we could maybe just skip winter next year? Please?

Are you sick of winter?  Comment below and let us know which sunset you'd rather be taking in right now!


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  1. The first shot of Sea of China is gorgeous! Beautiful photo essay.

  2. we are about to experience our first real winter - normally we are up North in QLD for winter time!
    This time we are in New South Wales, and it gets really cold down here :)
    Would be good to see Snow, but we like it when its warmer! Great photos of Sun Sets, and the engagement photo is gorgeous xx