Angie Taking Photos of Things - Spain Edition

Angie Taking Photos of Things in Spain
As you may imagine, Angie and I take a lot of photos when we travel.  Partly because we like photography, but also because we are bloggers and want to make sure we have enough images to cover anything we want to write about in the future.  Not only do we take thousands of the beautiful spots we visit (at last count we are at over 30,000) but we also take dozens of background photos that you wouldn't necessarily find on a traditional post on this site.  This series serves as an outlet for one of those photo sets.

While on our honeymoon in Spain last year, I started taking photos of Angie while she was in the act of taking photos of the amazing destinations we were exploring. In what was just a off-hand set of photos to be goofy turned into a habit that I've been carrying on to this very day. Rather than keeping these photos to ourselves, we will now be sharing them periodically here for your enjoyment.  Let us take you behind the scenes of some of our best travel photography with our lighthearted take of Angie Taking Photos of Thing - Spain Edition!


Angie got a few great photos at The Crystal Palace as well as at the famous Bear and the Madrono Tree, and I got a few good ones of her in the process!

Crystal Palace MadridCrystal Palace Madrid
Bear and the Madrono Tree


Nothing like the outside of the Mezquita to make you wonder what is on the inside.  (Hint: Find out here)

Cordoba's Mezquita Doors


I'll be the first to admit that I was so busy getting photos at the inside of the Alhambra in Granada that I didn't get many photos of Angie, but we still got to sneak a few in. 

Alhambra in Granada, Spain
Alhambra in Granada, Spain


Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia is a place you better not forget to bring your camera in.   Of course, Angie is much more photogenic in these gorgeous places (like things attract right?).  But you can see more of the gorgeous church here!

La Sagrada FamiliaLa Sagrada Familia's Stained Glass


Perhaps my favorite city in Spain, Segovia is full of the old architecture I love and one of the most beautiful castles on the planet!  Even more so than the other popular Madrid day trip, Toledo!

Segovia, Spain Countryside
Seville, Spain from Castle


The flowers were one of our favorite aspects of Sevilla, and the end of spring blossoms were all falling to the ground when we were visiting.  Needless to say, we took a bunch of photos.

Looking behind the scenes on what travel bloggers do to get the best photo is a unique topic we're trying out here on this blog.  Like the concept? Comment below and let us know!  If we get enough of a response we'll bring out more in the future with our upcoming travel plans!


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  1. In a word: BRILLIANT.

    Great idea to show the "behind-the-scenes".

    g-knows my own travel photography is constantly a work-in-progress. Coincidentally, just this morning I polished off a week's worth of bleary-eyed pixel toil - creating a 7 minute (I simply couldn't get it down any shorter) TravelnLass "Looking Back 2012" video.

    One tip that I've recently learned (as usual, the hard way) is: (Unlike it seems most amateur photographers) I've long been a fan of tipping the camera 90 degrees for subjects that lend them selves more to the vertical.

    All well and good, but... later when you're cobbling a slideshow/video together, the hodgepodge of horiz/vert formats can be most challenging. Thus now... I'll be sure to snap BOTH a vertical AND a horizontal view in my travels.

  2. Haha, I like that we get the photos, and the photos of her taking photos!