Men vs Women While Abroad?

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While searching the web for the latest and greatest travel news, Angie and I discovered a fun video style info-graphic that analyzed the differences between male travelers and female travelers from Britain.  While we may be citizens of the US, we thought that the statistics presented couldn’t be too much different from what we have in our own country.  Even more interesting was that because the facts are presented in man vs woman style, we couldn’t help but find ourselves making our own comments and opinions as a traveling couple.   When it was all said and done we realized the commentary was quite thought provoking, and hilarious, and would be great to share with our readers.  (Photo “Statistic from Brits Abroad”)

From the video, we’ve selected five of our favorite facts that had the best discussion points and outlined both of our views on the topic.  For those who haven’t seen the Brits Abroad: Men Vs. Women video, we suggest you watch it before reading our dissection on the facts presented!

Fact #1:  Women will spend an average of 4 days more researching than men for the same trip.

Jeremy:  For us this is probably the opposite of what really happens.  With running the travel blog I like to be prepared and tend to plan way more than I should be such that I can turn them into good blog posts for the site.  Angie takes all my planning as a welcomed break and usually goes along with what I plan, unless it comes to food.  When researching restaurants and food I can easily say she out does me by a mile. 
Angie: Yep, what Jeremy said. He is the one who is great at researching and planning what sites to see when we’re in a certain city, but I’m the one who has a list of restaurants all plotted out on the map, complete with the types of cuisines they have, price ranges, and dishes to try.

Fact #2: 23% of all travelers will spend more time in the gym, and 37% of men won’t do anything.

Jeremy:  We like to get in shape, especially for longer trips out.  If we are planning for an active trip we would like to say that we work out in the weeks leading up to it, but in our experience we have fallen flat a few times.  I would be in the 37% of men that won’t do anything but only after trying for a while and giving up.
Angie: I can’t say that I have ever worked out before a trip, except for before I met up with Jeremy in Thailand because I had a hunch he would propose.

Fact #3: 50% of men pack the night before and are 6 times more likely to let their partners pack for them.

Jeremy:  Maybe I am a bit more eager because I am a travel writer, but I’ll often be packed up to a week in advance.  As you get closer to departure I’d rather spend that time relaxing than doing laundry and packing the bag.   Before Angie was around I wouldn’t have any problem packing up right away, even my dreaded toiletry bags, but now I definitely procrastinate a bit so Angie can do it.  I hate toiletries.
Angie: Yeah, Jeremy is usually packed way before I am, but then he just refuses to pack the bathroom bag and forces me to do it.
Jeremy:  It is more like non-violent resistance than force. 

Fact #4: 4% of women think that men drink too much.

Jeremy: 4%?  That’s it?  Come on, surely you’ve never been to the party beaches of Thailand or a few choice cities in Western Europe.  This number should be much higher, or maybe women aren’t bothered by guys who drink a crazy amount.
Angie: I’m surprised that’s not higher as well, but I suppose in the places where people party a lot it is both genders partaking more than they should!

Fact #5: 7% of men think that women take to long to get ready while on holiday.

Jeremy: Again, only 7%?  Apparently no one has met some of the people in my family who can take over an hour just to get ready every morning.  Like the last fact, I thought this one should be much higher.  Then again, the other 93% of men are probably happy to have the extra time to sleep in the morning.
Angie: Excuse me while I slap Jeremy. I am probably one of the lowest maintenance women ever, and he still thinks I take too long to get ready. Whatever. He doesn’t have to deal with drying hair that is a foot long. Maybe I should just shave my head and see how he likes that.
Jeremy: I was referring to my sister-in-law, not Angie.
Angie: Suuuure.

For more great travel facts check out the rest of the video Brits Abroad: Men vs Women and to save money on travel insurance for your next trip, check out our friends at! After you’re done watching the video, let us know what you think of the statistics presented by commenting below!  Are we alone in our thoughts or do you agree with our interpretations of our selected facts?


Jeremy founded Living the Dream in 2008 to chronicle his long-term trip around Asia. Since then he has been on two long-term trips, visited 67 countries, and is just getting started. With a love of food and adventure, he can be found traveling the world with his wife Angie.

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Did you find this article helpful? Book your hotels using our affiliate link at to help support our site! By using our link we'll receive a small commission which helps keep this site going. Planning to travel with Airbnb instead? New users can enjoy a credit on us for signing up!


  1. Hi Annette – I can’t imagine packing the morning of, but I definitely have been guilty of doing it the night before. Once I got in the habit of packing I started to slack off some, but I still get excited and like to pack as early as possible too!

    Hi Vicky – Glad to see the stats are matching up well to other travelers! I always wish I could be on the receiving end of a trip plan, and just go with the flow, but I like planning it too much to let it go!

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  2. Very interesting men vs women travel facts! Fact number 1 is definitely true for us — I have been doing most of the trip planning with Dave not even know where we will be going sometimes. Fact 3 also applies perfectly — while I pack last minute too, maybe the night before, Dave will pack even later than I will and though I don’t pack his stuff for him I know he would happily have me do it.

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  3. Love this! My husband always packs the night before or morning of…drives me insane!

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  4. I’m glad to know we’re not alone in having such dialogue! I think we do this more and more the longer we’ve been together. Must be getting old. Gasp.

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  5. Hahahah great dialogue. It reminds me of the same type I have in my house. If it helps though, the finished product for the extra time is usually worth it!

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