Highlights from the Singapore Botanical Garden

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Singapore's Botanical GardensWhen thinking of Singapore, everyone’s first thoughts are always about the country being a small city-state.  It is true, Singapore is small.  We drove across the entire country in a taxi in about 15 minutes, to put it all in perspective.

While the country is one of the smallest in the world, there was an unusual feature that we were attracted to several times during our visit, the 183 acre botanical gardens.   It is an unusual feature for a country that is famous for its urban scene to have such massive green spaces, but the gardens of Singapore are one of the best in the world.  In order to truly understand the beauty of these gardens; however, we have to let our photos do the talking.

Flowers Everywhere

Flowers at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

In being a botanical garden, you can expect there to be flowers just about everywhere.  Unlike all of the other garden’s we’ve visited in the past, many of the flowers at the Singapore spot were new to us and distinctly Asian.   The further you walk, the more unique flowers you are presented with.  Just be sure to have a fully charged battery to capture them all.

Gorgeous Flowers at Singapore's Botanical Gardens

Well Maintained Displays

Singapore Botanical Gardens

For many free botanical gardens, it is a relatively common site to see the displays and structures go unmaintained after a period of several decades.  Even though the Singapore botanical gardens have been open for over 150 years, the features that have been added in over time look like they are brand new, and everything is in its place.

Green Space Everywhere

Singapore Botanical Gardens

You may recall that the Singapore botanical gardens are over 180 acres in size.  For all of the beautiful flowers and displays that the park has to offer, there is also an equally impressive amount of open green space.  When walking around the gardens, do not be surprised if you stumble across a family having a picnic, locals walking their dogs, or friends just hanging out enjoying great weather.  Some how, relaxing in the shade of the tall palm trees just seems to be one of the most relaxing activities anyone can do.   Don’t like the crowds?  There is plenty of space for everyone, and enough green spaces to find one to claim as your very own for a few hours with no one to bother you.

What to See

Singapore Botanical Gardens

There are a number of highlights that we recommend checking out at your time in the Singapore botanical gardens.  When wandering around the grounds, be sure to check out these beautiful features!

  • The Orchidarium – For all things Orchid
  • The Rainforest – A small tropical rainforest located on the grounds
  • Ginger Gardens – Home to some of the most unique flowers you’ll ever see
  • Swan Lake – One of the largest lakes on the grounds, great for people watching
  • Unnamed Corners – Don’t take our word for it, the best part of visiting the gardens is exploring the parts not mentioned on any website!  Pick a good day, walk around, and enjoy the day.

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  1. It is surprising how small Singapore actually is. While Vatican City (the world’s smallest) is significantly smaller still, there is something to be said for a country that is in essence one big city. Put this park there and you have a place I’d like to call my future home.

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  2. Love the idea of walking along the Botanical Singapore gardens – the sure look amazing! never realised that the city was that small!

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