The Great Strawberry Challenge!

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Strawberries in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia is famous for many things: temperate weather due to its elevation, fertile ground for production of tea leaves, honey, and my personal reason for visiting, strawberry fields.

Being in Malaysia, it would seem silly to not visit the city that is famous for the production of my favorite fruit.  On the drive in, I noticed something peculiar from the window of my bus.  The town is gaga over strawberries.  Signs, souvenirs, food, everything.  Everywhere you look is strawberry.

So I decided to give myself a little challenge.  The challenge is simply this: eat it all.

Let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to, Strawberry Fields…

Strawberry souvenirs in Malaysia


Within minutes of arriving at the hotel, I departed for the nearest strawberry plantation on the map.  Although the bus driver gave me wrong directions, and I ended up somewhere else entirely, I found a good spot.  Even though it was a trek to get into the small area that the berries are grown, I spotted them, fresh on the vine.

The entire “berry farm” experience is a bit over blown, as most of the berries are grown hydroponically, so the plants are growing out of tiny jar after tiny jar. Still, a town that is so excited about my favorite fruit is good enough for me. For epic looking fields, Cameron Highlands has the tea plantations for such desirable eye candy.

Strawberries in Malaysia

Then it was time to begin the challenge.  At the first stop, it was pretty easy to start through the list of all things berry:

-Fresh strawberries
-Strawberries dipped in honey
-Strawberry tea
-Strawberry coffee
-Strawberry chocolate candy
-Frozen strawberry ice
-Strawberry juice, fresh

Then, I got strawberry’d out.  Day one, finished.  Total spent on a lunch of strawberry snacks, 22.5 ringgit ($7.50).  Total spent on food souvenirs to take home, 14 ringgit ($4.67).

Strawberries in Malaysia

During day 2, I finally made to the original destination of day 1, The Big Red Strawberry Farm! Big the farm is, as they hydroponically grow massive quantities of strawberries as well as an array of other vegetables.  The challenge would then continue…

-Strawberry lassi
-Strawberry lollipop
-Fried strawberry ice cream
-1/2 of a strawberry cheesecake
-1/2 of a strawberry muffin

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But there is one more that should be noted, as I had a strawberry and honey roti crepe from an Indian restaurant in town prior to going to the farm.  Between all the food and non-edible strawberry related souvenirs for others, I spent quite a bit of money.  For just the food portion it came out to roughly 18.3 ringgit ($6.10)

In two days of the strawberry challenge, I consumed 9 unique uses of strawberries plus purchased two consumable souvenirs for a total value spent of $18.27.  That sound you might be hearing right now is my tasty sigh of satisfaction, or a sugar buzz.  One of the two.

…Strawberry Fields forever!


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  1. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the options that were there. It was all incredibly tasty. I’d say dipped in honey is not the normal mode you’d think of for tasting strawberries, but works surprisingly well. It doubled as a cheap excuse to try the local honey as well.

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  2. Wow who knew there were so many ways to prepare strawberries! I actually recently tried strawberry juice and thought it was amazing! How did you like it? Dipped in honey? sounds strange how was it?

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