10 Photos of the Great Wall of China That Will Make You Want to Hop on a Plane Right Now

After many months of anticipation, I finally visited my third wonder of the world, the Great Wall of China! While my original intention was to trek the Jinshanling to Simitai route, the recent closure of Simitai had me wondering if another option was available. Luckily my hostel advertised an all inclusive tour to another nearby section of the wall, Huanghuacheng, for nearly the same price as it would have been for me to make it out to Jinshanling but with all the perks of free meals, covered transportation, and a tour guide as well.

Like with my previous visits to wonders of the world like Petra and the Colosseum, the experience is best told as a photo essay as the vastness of it all just cant be described in words. Needless to say, I am most happy with my choice. For lack of any better words to say about the magnificent structure, the following are a collection of some of my favorites from the wall. 


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  1. Very cool! We're planning a trip to China next spring so this was a timely post. ;-)

  2. Very nice Cam! If you have any questions about China send em my way. In the 4 weeks I'll be here I'm likely to go to 90% of the places you're thinking of going and can help!

  3. Love the pics. One day I hope we get to visit the Great Wall, too!! Miss you!! -Jhoanna